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  1. Legal Procedure for Reporting A Sexual Offence

Once a rape or sexual offence case has occurred, first report at a social welfare agency, it marks the beginning of the agency's involvement with a serious and delicate problem regarding human rights. The initial meeting will set the stage for the further process of the case and the manner in which the victim will perceive the service and respond.

Rape should be seen as an act of violence at all times. In order to render professional social work assistance to victims of rape and sexual offences, social workers receive appropriate training in trauma counseling. This includes proficiency in medico-legal knowledge, skills and knowledge in dealing with sexually abused victims and confidence to give evidence competently in court. A social worker does not work alone. She or he is a part of a discipline that involves the legal, medical and related professions.

Victims who were sexually assaulted a long time ago (e.g., adults who are remembering or acknowledging abuse which occurred when they were children) can also report such cases so as to get justice and to prevent the recurrence of the incidences.

  1. A man is said to commit the offence of rape with a woman under the following six circumstances:

  1. Sexual intercourse against the victims will

  2. Without the victims consent,

  3. With her consent, when her consent has been obtained by putting her or any person that she may be interested in fear of death or hurt,

  4. With her consent, when the man knows that he is not her husband,

  5. With her consent, when at the time of giving such consent she was intoxicated, or is suffering from unsoundness of mind and does not understand the nature and consequences of that to which she gives consent,

  6. With or without her consent when she is under eighteen years of age

  1. Steps to follow if you become a victim of a rape:


  1. Flone’s Assistance To The Victim Before / During The Court Proceedings

The following steps will ensure that the court procedures are less traumatic to the victim: