Women in Transportation (#WITrans):Employment Opportunities


Women have played an integral role in the development and advancement of transportation. From wagons and horse carts to bicycles, automobiles, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes and space vehicles, women have served as inventors, pilots, engineers, drivers, administrative professionals, conductors, executives and in a host of other vital occupations.

Today, increasing numbers of women are making a critical difference in the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the world. Flone Initiative wishes to salute all such women for overcoming the odds and proving that women can do it.

Transport jobs can be well paid, rewarding and offer long-term career opportunities. Unfortunately, and unacceptably, few women are employed in these jobs and some positions fall below the standard of decent work. Mostly, Jobs in the transport sector are highly gendered and unequal, as is access to transport services. As a result, women’s voices are all too often neglected when it comes to transport planning and the pursuit of decent work.

Sadly, transport industry is still regarded as ‘no place for women’ in many countries/sectors around the world. Women in the transport sector often find themselves stuck in low(er) paid status jobs with few, if any, opportunities for career development.

Additionally, violence against women working in the transport industry is one of the most important factors limiting the attraction of transport jobs for women thus making breaking the retention of those who are employed in the transport sector quite difficult if not impossible.Whether white collar or blue collar – engineer, planner, or skilled construction worker jobs in transportation are still disproportionately held by men.

So as to avert the above situation, Flone Initiative conceptualized the Women in Transportation Program aimed at celebrating the significant role women play in the transport industry, reflect on the current gender diversity and improve it further through initiatives, events and activities.

Through the Program, Flone initiative hopes to:

  • Attract more women by highlighting the careers on offer in the transport industry
  • Showcase the contributions women have made, and continue to make in the industry
  • Provide opportunities for personal development and progression at all levels
  • Run inspirational and thought-provoking events
  • Inspiring the next generation by:
  • Tackling the lack of understanding about what the transport industry stands for
  • Demonstrating why transport can be for anyone and everyone
  • Education, particularly of young people about the variety of roles on offer

Join us in making this a reality!

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Our new Women in Transportation program works to advance the transport industry and the professional women who are a growing part of it.
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