Sometimes sexual harassment occurs without our knowledge!

Come be part of a gender forum like no other courtesy of Flone Initiative and Heinrich Böll Stiftung this Thursday 29th September 2016 at Lilian Towers, Nairobi Safari Club from 4:00pm – 6:30pm | Free entry to all audiences.

The goal of this forum is to bring together scholars, activists and women who have faced sexual harassment,to push the dialogue of rights further and explore alternative ways in which sexual harassment can be addressed.

Key discussion points:

  • Should sexual harassment be a political priority?
  • What are some of the ways that sexual harassment takes shape?
  • What are some of the ways that women can be assured of justice?

Invited Speakers:

  1. Esther Muthoni Passaris OGW
  2. Naomi Njeri Mwaura – Flone Initiative, a workforce development organization working in the matatu industry
  3. Fredrick J.K. Nyagah – Gender Advisor in Global Communities (formerly CHF International) and Founder National Chairman of MenEngage Kenya Network
  4. Saida Ali – International Policy Analyst
  5. Simon Mbevi – Founder and Director of Transform Nations

Moderator: Patience Nyange – Senior Human Rights Officer, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

Format of Discussion:

A panel discussion contextualizes issues to the audience. This is infused with public dialogue and Q&A where the audience engages with the panel and forum.

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Flone Initiative  Usalama wa Uma program aims to create safe spaces for women and girls who use the public transport by engaging public transport operators by offering them training on gender equality and prevention of sexual violence, improving customer service, and in personal and professional development.
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The problem for Kenya transport modes is not the network but the road’s standard and their maintenance; it is primarily a quality rather than a quantity issue. In most parts, the road network consists of paved, gravel and earth roads. The dilapidated, dirty state of public transport vehicles and terminals coupled with the poor service makes mobility for women a nightmare. Additionally, security is a serious mobility constraint for women, this because they suffer verbal and   physical harassment and theft in public spaces.

Though poor infrastructure and limited transport services hamper male and female mobility, women suffer additional socio-cultural constraints. Many women travel by foot in the village thus wasting a lot of time which could have been used undertaking productive work. Furthermore, the available modes of transport available in most rural areas are either bicycles or motorcycles which are culturally regarded as unfit for women. Sadly very few women in Kenya owns motorized mode of transport, thus have to depend on public transport or travel by foot to reach markets to sell produce , buy food and to engage in jobs in urban centres.

Motorized transport costs more per trip for women because they need to use more expensive modes of transport. Consequently women are forced to dig deeper in their pockets to access the safe and comfortable mode of transport. Lack of appropriate transport severely limits female access to employment, markets, education and health care. Subsequently, women’s productivity is greatly affected by the mode of transport available.

Flone Initiative hope to create a situation where women and girls can comfortably use the available transport modes thus enhancing their productivity.Let’s all be Safe!

Dates worth saving;

October 11th, 2016: #Njeris case hearing shall be at Kilimani law courts from Nyeri who was 18yrs at her death was from Gatundu North. She was raped and killed at Kikuyu by a known perpetrator)

September 20th, 2016: #MyDressMyChoice Kayole striping case has been on-going. The 6 perpetrators are still in jail after being denied bail again. The mention of their case shall be at Makadara Courts on the 20/9/2016 at

5th October, 2016: #MyDressMyChoice Kayole striping case hearing  at Makadara Courts at

Let us join hands to ensure justice is finally served!

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Our new Women in Transportation program works to advance the transport industry and the professional women who are a growing part of it.
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