We are excited to share that in partnership with One Billion Rising-Kenya, we won the Sanaa Theatre Awards for 2015 Best Theatre Production on Women’s Rights and Empowerment. Thank you for Voting! We took a while to announce the good news because we were busy tracking the trophy through snail mail! We are incredibly honored and humbled by the award. Our charity plays are part of our sustainability strategy developed to ensure that Flone Initiative continues to serve the community.
In light of this award, we thought we share a couple more sustainability strategies that you can expect from us in 2016:

  • We are developing a revenue model around our Usalama Wa Uma Program. PSV SACCOs and driving schools will be expected to pay for the training. More details coming soon.
  • This year, we will be hosting two charity plays: ‘For colored girls who commit suicide when the rainbow is enuf’ and ‘Avocado’. The Play ‘For colored girls who commit suicide when the rainbow is enuf’ consists of a series of poetic monologues accompanied by dance movements and music that tells the stories of seven women who have suffered oppression in a racist and sexist society. The play ‘Avocado’ explores the horror of human trafficking in the most harrowing terms. We are currently looking for a director. If you know one, refer them to us.
  • In addition, the Good Food for the Greater Good Gala Dinner will be a fundraising event for our new program Women in Transportation (WIT);
  • To encourage more individual sponsors, we have a new donation platform that is easy and secure to use, accommodates several payment methods and provides receipts. For our U.S.A supporters, your donation is now tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S.A law.

So on behalf of everyone at Flone Initiative, we are more excited than ever to deliver on our promise of a safe and professional public transport industry.

As always, we thank you for your continued feedback and support and look forward to an exciting 2016!

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Creating a safe anf professional public transport industry.

Creating a safe and professional public transport industry.

Usalama Wa Uma program, which is a partnership between Flone Initiative and Men Engage Kenya Network (MenKen), aims to create a safe and professional public transport industry in Kenya.
We are concerned with the safety and security of Uber drivers and Kenyan public that makes use of this service. We condemn the use of intimidation and violence in the public transport industry to resolve the fight for market share. Our concern has been fueled by the recent intimidation, physical attacks and trickery used against Uber drivers. The most popular incident involves an uber car that was stoned and the windshield broken at Valley Arcade on Sunday the 31st January. Uber is offering security to its drivers by having policemen patrol violence-prone areas such as Westlands. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable way to deal with the issue at hand that calls for safe public spaces.
As per our understanding, local taxis are blaming Uber for the City Council’s recent move to remove local cabs from the Central Business District. In addition, the taxi wrangels are being viewed as the fight between the Rich man (Uber) versus the common wananchi (local cab drivers). The local cab drivers are disgruntled that unlike Easy Taxis who work with local taxi community, Uber has requirements that cut off the local taxi driver from joining Uber such as the taxi must be only 4-5 years old.
The above notwithstanding, we as stakeholders are concerned with the rising violent attacks which may spill over even to Uber clients and continue to work against having safe public spaces that we are currently working to create.

Our recommendation and Call for Action:
a) National Police Device to immediately arrest and prosecute those promoting violence attacks on Uber drivers and avert further attacks.
b) Nairobi City Council to initiate, as a matter of urgency, meetings with Uber and other Taxi operators to resolve the current wrangles.
c) NTSA to assure the public of safety in the taxi industry by ensuring a definite solution to the current issue in conjunction with the relevant institutions.

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