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Dear Friend of Flone,

Thanks to your support, this month we are celebrating our anniversary. It’s been four years we sat down and thought of Flone Initiative while in University. In May 2013, while commuting using public road transport, we watched video clips of a lady being stripped of her clothes and were infuriated. From this, we developed a program aimed at stopping the often-unseen violence in the Kenyan public transport network. From its beginning, Flone Initiative has worked to develop models that promote the basic building blocks for equality and sustainable community development. In order to address the root causes of gender based violence, Flone Initiative continues to play the role of catalyst in mobilizing and empowering communities to build respect for women and girls.
Kenya’s public transport system is not safe for women and girls. Many have suffered sexual abuse and harassment on matatus while waiting for buses and even while walking through bus terminals. Flone’s Public Safety Certification Program trains with Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators on customer service, gender equality and professional development. We’re getting closer to launching our crowdfunding campaign, and we could use your help expanding our reach. We want to grow to 10,000 community members. Please help us spread the word by:
Helping us DRIVE Change!
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  2. Invite 3 friends to join our mailing list. The more people involved, the better our chances of success when we get to crowdfunding. We need more people passionate about women’s causes to sign up for the mailing list and vote for change at
  3. Make introductions to strategic partners, interested people and investors. If you now people or organizations who can help us touch more lives such as transport groups or organizations that empower women. Let us know by sending an email to
With your help, we want our Public Safety Certificate Program to reach the 160,000 public road transport operators in the Kenyan public transport.

We would like to take this opportunity to especially Thank our repeat donors: Safaricom, Niraj Varia, Anna Smith, Eliza Hogan, Florence Njau and Graham Benton.

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